[SOLVED] URP Shader Graph preview works, but material doesn't apply effect.

Unity Version 2019.3.6f1
I have attempted to create a hologram effect using 2 noise textures (fine, coarse). These are tiled and scrolled at slightly different speeds, added together and then set as the alpha of the texture. The shader appears to be working in the shader editor; however, whenever I apply a material with the shader to a sprite renderer in my scene, the texture just displays static and slightly transparent. I have tried replacing the custom noise textures with simple noise nodes and then the material works correctly, but simple noise won’t work for the effect. I assume something is wrong with my treatment of the textures so I have included my import settings as well as a screenshot of the shader graph.
alt text

alt text

Please let me know and I can provide any additional information or screenshots

I found the solution! It turns out that my two noise textures were exposed to the inspector and were not set in the material properties. I selected the proper textures there and everything works no problem. I’ll leave this here in case anyone makes the same silly mistake I did.

I think what blakelowe means is that when he creates the shader, it has textures in it (using texture2D node with Sampletexture2d node in Shader Graph). These Texture2D nodes would be converted to properties in Shader Graph, so they appear in the box of exposed properties on the left side of Shader Graph’s interface. Since they are listed there they will be exposed in Unity’s Editor Inspector for any material created from the shader.

When he finishes creating the shader and saves the asset, he goes back to the Scene window, into the project folder, navigates to that shader, and uses the shader to create a material from it with the right-click.

With the material then selected and viewed in the Inspector, he must also assign the textures there. Twirling down the material’s inspector block shows all of the exposed settings for it. There would be squares with the little “Select” button in them. Using those to assign his textures in the Inspector for the material makes the material work as designed.

In the shader graph, you need to click on all of your custom things, textures, colors, ints, etc. and make them exposed. Then you need to set the values on the material you use the shader on. Sorry for my bad syntax. I’m new.