[SOLVED] UWP IL2CPP windows dev center validate package fails

Hello, my game is a part of Microsoft xbox live creation program and is published on Microsoft Store as .NET scripting backend version.

Now I need to update my game as IL2CPP scripting backend but when I upload the new version on Windows dev center the package fails the validation.

If I upload the same game version but with .NET scripting backend the game pass the validation and is ready to update.

I will appreciate any suggestions to solve the issue, Best regards…

I'm using

Unity version: Unity 2018.2.7f1
Unity Xbox Live plugin version: 1804 QFE 1 Release
Visual Studio 2017 version: 15.8.3

Do you mind translating what it says? I can't read that.

Hello, I'm sorry for the missing translation, in practice the issue is related to an other thread.

I have a IL2CPP project and I would like to create App Package to update my game on Microsoft Store;

If I create the package as "Generate app bundle: if needed" I fall in the thread


and the package fails to create;

If I create the package as "Generate app bundle: Never" the package is created but I can't update it on Windows Dev Center because a previous version of the game exists and is builded as .NET scripting backend.


PS: if I build my game as .NET scripting backend the App Packge is created without any problem and haven't the icon issue.

OK, solved with the help from Tautvydas-Zilys, with the other thread solution


I'm reached to create App Package in the right version and upload it on Windows Dev Center, thank you very much, Best regards…