[Solved]Why doesn't this Rigidbody.AddForce work the way I tell it to?

Ok so I have this space ship that has thrusters at the front to control its direction by applying a force from the specific position of the thruster using Rigidbody.AddForceAtPosition. However I can only get the thrusters to work on one direction. I cant get both to work. Can you help? More details below.

Here the Code to better explain.

// This uses the mouse Y axis as the input which is the mevert float here.
// The problem is that both don't work only one does, the first one here which adds a force upwards. If I delete the upwards one then the downward one works but not together. It cant be the input because I checked using a bool and also it works alone.

		if(mvert > 0.0f) {
			vThrust = true;
			for(int t = 0; t < thrustersF.Length; t++){

			rigb.AddForceAtPosition(Vector3.up * turnSpeed, thrustersF[t].position);

		if(mvert < 0.0f) {
			for(int u = 0; u < thrustersFU.Length; u++){
					rigb.AddForceAtPosition(Vector3.down * turnSpeed, thrustersFU.position);



cos the second if statement is inside the first if statement… and it never gets satisfied…