[Solved]WWW function issue on build.

Hello, i have a problem with the script from the unity wiki. Highscore script to be more specific. I keep getting the error “BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘WWW’.” Not while i play in the editor, but when i try to build it. I really need some help here. It works without any problem when i play the game within the editor.

  function getScores() {
        var hs_get = WWW(highScoreUrl);
        yield hs_get;
        if(hs_get.error) {
            print(" Error: " + hs_get.error);
        } else {
            displayText = true;
           score = hs_get.text;

You’ll usually catch errors like this earlier, if you add this line at the top of your JS files:

#pragma strict

I believe Unity does this by default, in newer versions.

Anyway, is this the script you’re using? If so, the history for that wiki page suggests that the code hasn’t been updated in some time; I wonder if it might be out of date. You can surely find a bunch of tutorials along the lines of “How to use Unity’s WWW class”, and update the code to match those tutorials.

The scripting reference might be a decent place to start.

Hello use this asign WWW object and use constructor of object

var hs_get:WWW;
hs_get = new WWW(url);