Some analytic events not reported - diacritics in event IDs?


I’m seeing erratic even reporting in Game Analytics (Unity SDK v3.3.3). It looks like events with IDs containing diacritic characters (i.e. ‘ą’, ‘ć’, ‘ę’, ‘ń’, ‘ó’, ‘ś’, ‘ź’, ‘ż’) are not shown in the Metrics (although I can see them sent). I’m observing this behavior on Android and iOS.

Has anyone else encountered such problem?

For anyone who has also encountered this situation, it turns out that Game Analytics indeed rejects events that have diacritics in their IDs. As of version 3.9.0 there are even validation debug log messages informing about this. For example:

Validation fail - design event - eventId: Non valid characters. Only allowed A-z, 0-9, -_., ()!?. String: Interaction:Który_z_poniższych_koncernów_n-54:Success