Some audio does not play on Windows build but works perfectly in editor and on Mac

So I have two kinds of audio in my game, music tracks that loop and sound effects that play when a player clicks on something. The music that I have plays perfectly in both the mac/editor and in windows builds. However, the sound effects play perfectly on mac/editor but not in windows builds. I can get one sound effect to play, but it only plays during specific circumstances and the others do not play at all.

Some of the sound effects are wavs and some are mp3s while all of the music are mp3s. Is there a known issue or something to do with audio that I might be missing which keeps it from playing on the windows side?

I figured out the problem. In my game I have a options to mute sound effects that are saved to playerprefs so that the settings are saved between play sessions. However I didn’t think that the playerprefs were stored outside of the game folder and I had muted sound effects on a previous build. I enabled sound effects and that fixed the issue.