Some basics

Hi Unitiers

Couldn’t see a newb forum section so thought I’d ask here.

I’m currently creating stills and animations in Blender to be used for teaching.

As I think interactive is the way to go though ongoing I’m thinking of investing in Unity Pro.

In terms of my goals:
I’m not looking to create anything too fancy or complex in terms of object interactions etc (yet!), or have particularly special lighting or materials.

The sort of thing I’d be aiming for would be something not much more complicated than this. Transparency test OK (V1) - 3D model by NicolasErre [6fe8ba9] - Sketchfab

I’d be keen to just use the materials from Blender cycles render engine and be able to add text (either as objects or with Unity GUI) to display anatomical landmarks for instance, and be able to spin the object round in 3D. It’d be nice if the text moved with the object so that it was always facing the camera no matter what angle you’d be looking at it from too (unlike the sketchfab example above)

It’d be also useful to have some text pop up that the user can expand or minimise for instance as well, either at a set point during the animation or via the interface. Perhaps the ability to hide or show different layers (objects) would be cool too.

My questions…

  1. possible? (looking at the showcase reel I think definitely so!)
  2. how long would it take for a complete newb to get a grip of and start producing these things (I’m pretty savvy tech wise but have no programming experience)
  3. if my Unity licence were to expire do the assets become Unity property? Or it’s just they can’t be used as Unity assets anymore? I’m wondering if I’m singing myself into a lifetime of the Pro licence to keep the copyright…

Thanks in advance!

Okay! I think it’s time I got the free version and started playing around!

Thanks for your help