some builds crashes on level change


I develop an application who works perfectly on Android / iOS.

However, at the request of the client, a similar version should be developed on PC.
The application works correctly export 64-bit (x86_64), but crash if it is exported in 32-bit (x86):

On 3 levels, 2 make the application close immediately when loading. No Bug Report.

If the application is exported for the web player, then the 3 levels works, but as soon as you click on the back to menu button, the browser crash (FF & Chrome).
Bug Report signal: mono-1-vc.dll caused an Access Violation… blablabla!

My searches were unsuccessful, most of the proposed solutions are random, reinstall, reboot, remove this or that folder … I tried everything i can found.

Any idea to help me focus my research to find a semblance of solution? Thank you.



Maybe there’s a script that works only on mobile and executing it on pc causes some problems