Some clarifications please on custom events (500 custom events per MAU)


My understand on the custom events based on the documentation is very foggy, can someone please clarify
(for free tier)

  1. How to understand '500 custom events per MAU' ?

say, the DAU is 10,000, and the stickiness is 20%, so MAU is 50,000.
so does it mean, if at all you have to be within free tier, then you'd need to have only 500 events coming from 50K MAU?

or let me ask in another way,

if i send 1 custom event per user per day, and i have a DAU of 10k, and MAU of 50K respectively,
then i exceed free tier? if i do? then how to understand this pricing in this scenario?

in this example in a month(take 30days) , the game would generate
10,000 users x 1 customEvent x 30days ==> 300,000 events

and evaluated for these number of events?

  1. Or is it : free tier for up to 50,000 monthly active users (MAU) meaning, all events including custom events can be sent upto 50K MAU. If this is the case, is it still upto 10k events per user per day including the custom events per user?

I probably am wrong in both cases, so,
can anyone please help understand these limits with some examples (if possible)

The pricing page says:
50,000 Active Users / Month, 500 Calls per MAU

So that's 500 calls PER monthly active users (or about 16 per DAU), or 50,000 MAU total, whichever limit is hit first. Since these are "soft" limits I'd expect Unity to contact you when that happens.

Most indies will be super-excited if they were to ever hit 10,000 MAU in a month btw. Just to put things into perspective, a 50,000 MAU means you have a serious hit from an Indie perspective.

Thanks, makes sense.

But, what about the standard events?
how many standard events can be sent per daily activer User? (no limit or that 10,000 events applies here?)

But, what about the standard events?

Standard events don't contribute towards the Avg of 500 custom events per MAU fair usage calculation.

Let me clarify some of your earlier questions

Relating to MAU, if you have less than 50K MAU you will be in the FREE tier and no charges will be applied for Analytics. Fair Usage of 500 custom events per MAU only applies after you exceed 50K MAU.

There is a limit of 10K events per player per day (DAU), we will reject any events beyond that from a specific player for the remainder of the day if they exceed that 10K. This limit is in place as a protection against implementation issues that are unexpectedly sending crazy numbers of events, it isn't specifically in place for billing reasons.

As CodeSmile mentioned, the Analytics free teir should be generous enough to allow you to grow your game without worrying about Analytics costs. By the time you reach the Free Tier limits you will have a clear idea of the value and costs of your analytics.

Finally, if you need to you can :

  • Monitor usage in your Service Usage page and your Cost & Usage reporting dashboard
  • Setup budget alerts if you have concerns about costs
  • Disable individual Custom Events from your Event Manager, if there are events that are no longer useful or are disproportionately contributing to your 500 events per MAU calculation.

  • Disable Analytics entirely from the Analytics Settings page on your Unity Dashboard.

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Thanks, got it. The specific cutoff levers are great!