Some inquiries about the BlazeFace template

First I want to say that I appreciate the work that the Unity team is doing in making Sentis more accessible by providing examples.
I’ve tried the sentis blazeface template from hugging face and I have a few inquiries about it if that’s fine.

1- If I use GPUPixel as the backend for the model worker, the face detection works but the 6 keypoints aren’t detected. Could it be that there are some layers that won’t work on GPUPixel? (though I read in the documentation that Sentis can fall back to other backend types to execute the layers)

2- When I deploy to WebGL (with the GPUPixel backend) I get the following error:

Could not find a part of the path "/http:/localhost:8000/StreamingAssets/blazeface.sentis"

Even though i can access the url of blazeface.sentis from the browser’s address bar. I also get a weird division by 0 error, though it works fine in play mode in the editor.

3- Is there a plan to integrate face mesh/landmarks? If not, can you give some pointers or recommendations on how to do it?

Thank you.

This is known internally as Tasks 433 and 434.

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Hi @JoeAN .

  1. We will look into the GPUPixel. If the landmarks aren’t being detected this will be a bug that we need to fix.
  2. You can try to use the alternative method of putting the ONNX file on a public ModelAsset model field and the using using ModelLoader.Load(model).
  3. We plan to have an example of the face mesh on Hugging Face in the next few weeks (probably sooner).

Hey PaulBUnity, i have one quick question. Does the GPU on iPads work for this or only PCs?

Yes, it should work on iPads.

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