Some lighting advice, please


I’ve set myself a challenge of trying to replicate an image that I’ve come across (which wasn’t made with Unity) as accurately as possibly and would like some guidance on how to set up the look/lighting! [alt text][2]

The spheres appear to have some kind of translucency (possibly) and the center seems to give a glow effect. I’m pretty sure a similar look can be achieved using fog/fill lights, maybe? Anyway, lighting isn’t my forte so if anyone has any ideas or sample scenes on producing this look it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Looks like you can achieve a similar result by having a point light in the middle surrounded by a sphere that’s using either an additive or an unlit/emissive material, and a subtle bloom image effect on your camera - then letting real-time or baked Global Illumination do the rest. The remaining work is just a matter of value tweaks until it looks right. It’s hard to tell from the image if the spheres are actually doing subsurface scattering or if it’s just bloom, but nonetheless it can be emulated using the latter.

Thanks Ivar, I’ll give your suggestion a shot!

Below is the link to the animation which may help you determine if there is any subsurface scattering occurring.

link text