Some material properties appear twice

Hey guys!

Using a shadergraph material I noticed that some properties are exposed twice to the user - once via the properties of the master node and once via the material dialogue of the inspector. For example: Surface Type, Rendering Pass Double-Sided etc...

5450418--556131--shadergraph.PNG 5450418--556128--material.PNG

Now I am wondering how those properties are associated with each other. Early tests show that Surface Type in the material inspector overrides the settings on the shader graph master not - but not vice versa. Can somebody help me understanding this?

you are guessing right. The one in the inspector is supposed to overrides the one in the shadergraph.
The same way a public variable set in the inspector on a monobehaviour script overrides the initial value set in the declaration of the variable in the script

Thanks for clarification! I was confused because for example some properties (e.g. transparency writes motion vector) are only exposed if surface type is set to transparency in both places.