Some of mesh shaking on animation from Blender

I made first person model from Blender. In Blender, everything was fine. But move to Unity and hit play, some of mesh(Bullets in cylinder) are unstable, some of them are not following animation correctly.

Few months ago, I was made another similar animation from Blender and that worked without this kind of issue. Only difference is that previous work, bullets and gun parts are single mesh but this is not, bullets and some of gun parts are seperated and parented. Does this occur this problem? If so, how should I avoid that?

Using Blender 2.78c and Unity 2017.3.0f3. Files downloadable from here:

Video link to explain this issue: Unity animation from Blender bug - YouTube



I thought that it was version problem, so I tested old version which 5.6.x, but still has same problem.

Could it be in the FBX export settings in Blender? Maybe Blender when exporting is not sampling your animation enough or something. That was causing a lot of jitter/shaking in my characters’ animations. To make it sample the animation more, I changed the Sampling Rate to the max (10.00) under the Animation tab here:


[EDIT: Um this actually presented other issues in my animations… be careful. I’m going to mess around the export settings more actually…]