Some questions about buying Unity PRO.

Hello Unity,

I have some questions. I have emailed my area’s sales person & 3 days have been passed. Still there is no reply.
So, i am asking here.

I have never bought any pro licences yet.But i am looking forward to pre order Unity 5.0
Here are some questions.

  1. Unity 5.0 is not released yet, what i will get if i buy or subscribe now ?
  2. Will i be able to use all PRO versions of Unity 4.x ?
  3. Can i cancel the subscription at anytime ? Or is it compulsory to buy the subscription for 12 months ?
  4. How much will be the price per month after adding all taxes ? Is it $75/ month or it will increase ? Specially for my country. India.
  5. Will i be able to use it right now, or i will have to wait until next month ?
  6. How payment cycle will work ?


Most of this information is available on the store or the FAQ. Also, I’m not in any way affiliated with Unity, so I might be wrong. Keep that in mind. But:

1/2: You get Unity 4 pro right away if you preorder 5. Look at “Unity 5 pre-order period and offers” on the FAQ.

3: 12 months is the minimum. Click at “$75 a month” on the store.

4: This varies from country to country. I have no idea about how that works in India, but there’s probably some way to deduct it from your taxes.

5: You’ll get Unity 4 pro now, and also a Unity 5 beta access.

6: No clue.