Some quick feedback after my first use of the Unity Discussions board

Just a few things that I think would have a largely positive effect on this site.

  1. “My categories” could be Renamed “Chosen Forums” and be moved to the top of the panel on the left. Remove the ability to collapse it. This is the meat and potatoes of Discussion, it should be at the top and prominent. Make the edit forum list (where you can add and remove forums from this list) button always visible so you can more easily see that you can add ore remove forums from view. Remove the “all catagories button” as it will be more obviosu to the user they can decide which forums they want to see. There is no need for an “all categories” button as you can access them all by editing your “my catagories” list. It’s redundant and prevents users from properly using this forum in the long run and takes up valuable real estate. Better yet! Remove the edit button, and make the “all categories” the edit forum list button where users can chose which forums they want displayed, as it’s so important to users being able to access the discussions they want.

  2. Make a “MSC” tab where you can put tags and community links and any other “noise”. Between consolidating tertiary features in a MSC tab, and featuring prominently a consolidated and featured at the top forum list, this discussion board would become far more usable.

  3. Rename “tags” to “topics”. I think that makes it more clear what the use case for this is. Even though tags is commonly used, I think calling them “topics” really sells the use of it. I just ran into my first instance of wanting to give a topic a tag of “anti Aliasing” as well as “STP” for the spatial temporal upscale feature and these were not options that i could tag the post with, which really calls into question if tags are beneficial at all if one cannot search for the tag “AA” or “anti aliasing” when that is the thing you are wanting to learn about.

Main goal here is to avoid hitting the user in the face by tons of features and external links that take them AWAY from this board confusing them from getting into the conversations they want to engage with.

Overall I really enjoy these forums and am looking forward to them becoming even more usable.

Edit: I would also just do away with tags. They’re too unreliable, what if someone writes a fantastic discussion on a topic but doesn’t bother to label it with a tag? A better feature would be to save search terms, like “STP anti aliasing” which was something I was looking into to see if it’s usable in the current Unity 6.0 public release.
ALTHOUGH… if the community at large was able to set tags on topics, it could end up being very useful… or if you guys were planning on using AI to attach appropriate tags to posts.