Some scripts don't work when compiling to flash, work fine in editor

I have some weird problems with the flash export. First of all, my character jumps every time he hits a step. I even hame jumping disabled, and when my character touches a stair or a short obstacle he jumps high.

I have a script for a button activated sliding door. It works fine on every other platform export, but on flash nothing happens.

Finallly, i have a moving platform object. It is not a rigidbody and it works fine in the editor or in the standalone export but not in flash : the platform is moving, the player stands on it, but when the platform moves the player doesn’t follow it and finally he falls down.

I don’t think i should spend my time trying to make something with this version of unity flash, if i can’t trust that whatever works in the editor or in other platform exports, will work in flash too. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I think i can help with the button-door issue. I think it is maybe because you are using OnMouseDown for the button pressing. Something similar happened to me and it was because OnouseDown doesnn’t work with Flash.