Some scripts not working in Unity Web Player

Hello guys, I have a problem that when I export game in Unity Web player some scripts of the game itself don’t work (sound trigger and video trigger). Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

If by Web Player you mean the actual plugin: no longer supported.

If you mean the html5/webgl export:

I actually tried around exporting in different platforms and the results are really weird.
In WebGL the sound trigger and video trigger don’t work.

In WebGL the development build only video trigger doesn’t work.

In Windows, the audio in the video doesn’t work.

In Mac the glow isn’t exported as it should be (some sort of postprocessing problem I guess?)

Like please any idea how to make it playable. The graphics are, however, best on the WebGL platform and it also seems like the easiest way for installation purposes(I will exhibit the game in my school)? (I will try setting up Linux Raspberry tomorrow)
Kinda need a zombie from all the versions now :confused: