Some suggestions First Game

Hi guys I’m completely new in Unity. For the first game I’m trying to develope an Android game, I would like to know a few things like:

  1. For level design what is the best way:
    Full square map like:

In line mapping:

  1. 3D Design (3DMAX) Low Poly : Approximately numbers of poly for models to work on most devices ?!
  2. Limit of draw calls: Numbers of draw calls for mobile devices to work properly ?!
  3. Resolutions: Default screen size to work with it !
  4. Menu: Menu system : a) For each button new scene ( Settings, Shop, Ojectives etc.)
    -or- b) One scene with all menus
    Thats all for now hope you guys will be offering me some ideas, I would really appreciate that !!!

Thanks in advance !

1,2,3) Search for it, there is a lot of info in answers, forum and web. But in the end, less is better and you only know by testing.

  1. Depending a lot how do you want to organize your code, but in general case, use a Prefab.