Some terrain tools missing in Inspector

I’m following a book and in currently in the part of smoothing out a terrain. But the Smoothing Tool in Inspector once the terrain is selected is not appearing for me. This is how it currently appears for me:


while this is what’s in the book (as well as some videos I watched):


I’m using version Unity 2018.3.5f1 Personal if that helps.

Wait, before shitting on your Keyboard :smiley:
If you have the same error, keep in mind that they have changed the ordering of the Tools since Version 2018.3 or so. After running into this error i humbled over the manual. The Terrain sculpting tools in 2018.2 showed up as seperate button. In later versions they are NOT missing. You have to click the first button named (Paint Texture). Right under the Button than there is a bar where you can select the “missing” Tools like Smooth height or Set Height. So to say your usual Terrain Sculpting tools.


Best answer I could find. It worked for me.