Some textures on iOS build are black?!?!?!

Hi there,

I have a weird problem… my game renders fine on PC/Mac but when I build for iOS (simulator AND hardware), some of the textures come out black. It’s only a couple of textures, and the settings for these are the same as the other textures in the game…

I looked around on here for this problem but all I could find was that it would be using the incorrect shaders… I am just using standard diffuse… I tried mobile diffuse too, no luck. There are no shadows or anything like that enabled in the project, so what could I be missing?

All textures are mapped to simple two tri planes as it’s a 2D game.


Ah ha! It turns out that the quads that had the black textures were set to size zero on the Z axis… this doesn’t seem to matter for Mac/PC, but seems to for iOS!!! All night trying to fix it and that’s all it was! Hopefully this helps others…

Check out your texture size. I had a similar thing happening. (A particular texture sometimes showed up black on iPad but was fine in editor). It turned out the size was weird. (1600x1019 in my case). Fixing the size fixed the problem.

I have the same problem, could you please explain the solution.

Thanks !