Something with The Collider?!

I put two objects in my project;and I need hide one of them by clicking;the two all have the property of Collider;The object A is in the Object B.
when I click Object B ,the Object B is hidden.this is ok;
But ,after the object B is hidden,there is nothing happening when I click the Object A;
I find I can’t click the object A,why?
how can I finish it?
how can I make the collider property of one object invalid?

the two object are in the same level.
In fact,I want to ask that how to make the collider property of the hidden object invalid?
When object A is so big that it can block object B comprehensivly,how can I click object B?

uh…but I need the function…
do the property of Collider have the property of “enabled”?
there is something wrong about i am very gripping.

I finish it,this is Similar with the problem “Raycast avoiding spesific colliders” .
So ,I Solve the problem with using the Layer!