Something wrong with my flashlight script.

I modified a flashlight script that I found in one of the message boards so that I could turn on two lights at once (I am building a robot and I want there to be a light from each eye). However, when I put it together and ran the game, only one of the lights worked. The other was still there, but the symbol dissapeared in teh scene view, and it did not create light. Here ismy script.

var RightEye : Light; 
var LeftEye : Light;

function Update() 
    RightEye.enabled = !RightEye.enabled;
    LeftEye.enabled = !LeftEye.enabled; 

(By the way, I used the fps controller prefab that came with it, and attached the code to the camera, and made the two spotlights children of the same camera)

check your quality settings and see what your maximum pixel light count is if it's one, set it to something more and it should work. I think.