Sometimes even the progress is alpha!

For a bit of a laugh. a16 :smile:

Perhaps related to the erroneous scripts broken popup, which is erroneous because When I press ignore, none of the scripts are in fact broken.


I switched to Alpha 17 and I no longer have that issue anymore.

Might be worth trying and backing up your project.

Nice it must’ve come out without my noticing, thanks!

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Hey, just letting you know that we know about this issue and we’re working on the fix


I had the same thing happen upgrading a project to a18 today. I’d alt+tabbed away and when I came back, there was no bar at all. Then I clicked the window but it was still gone, clicking on it in the taskbar but still gone, …then dragged on the window and the bar suddenly appeared as shown in the image. Not sure if it’s helpful mentioning any of the above given the fix is on the way, but whatever,

Splash screen also obscures dialog boxes for script upgrading etc. Made a separate post for that.