Song Allowments

Hay everyone Cobalt60 here,

I was just wondering if you are able to use a song that you did not make in a game. I mean I have no trouble making my own music, since I have a keyboard. I just don’t want to have any problems like getting sued or anything similar. If you can i am sure you put it in the credits…

I hope I am right, any way thank you for any answers to the question or even links are appreciated.

Hi, you need to ask for permission, some artists just want credits, others want small royalties and others just don´t share their music, I always ask for the music and give back credits, it is the best deal because you don´t pay and you help them to promote their stuff.

So just make sure to have the rights of the music and you won´t have issues, however this is not a Unity question and it should not be asked here, you can ask for that kind of stuff in the Unity Forum.

Greetings Cobalt60