Soomla - in app purchase Sercurity

Dear All,

This is the document in Soomla Page .

If you want to protect your game from ‘bad people’ (and who doesn’t?!), you might want to follow some guidelines:

SOOMLA keeps the game’s data in an encrypted database. In order to encrypt your data, SOOMLA generates a private key out of several parts of information. The Custom Secret is one of them. SOOMLA recommends that you provide this value when initializing StoreController and before you release your game. BE CAREFUL: You can change this value once! If you try to change it again, old data from the database will become unavailable.
Following Google’s recommendation, SOOMLA also recommends that you split your public key and construct it on runtime or even use bit manipulation on it in order to hide it. The key itself is not secret information but if someone replaces it, your application might get fake messages that might harm it.


And now , I want to disable sercurity for DB because of updating data a lot of times .

Please help me , thank you very much .

Hey @longantruong,

I’m one of the creators of SOOMLA.

What exactly do you want to do? Don’t you want your database protected?