Soomla in app purchases & own store


i was wondering if it possible to get soomla to process in app purchases after i click a buy button from my own store created in unity3d. So in short i click buy it opens a dialogue stating how much and then it goes through the payment options.

My current impression of soomla is that you have to create your store on their site first & then integrate it.

Alternatively if anyone happens to know a free IOS in app purchase plugin for unity3d please let me know

Hi, I’m a co-founder at Soomla.

There is a version of Soomla that allows you bring your own store. Currently it is offered in two versions: Without server side verification and with server side verification. In a month or two we will also provide a version that allows you to back up your balances on a server.

All the versions I mentioned are open source and free. You can get them here -

Good luck and shoot us an email to if you need anything.


Yes, is possible;
call StoreInventory.BuyItem(“itemID”) in OnMouseUp method, in your script