Soomla integration- assetstore.unity3d vs github

I’m currently watching this video in which is said to download first the core and then the store unity package from github. Before I began this tutorial I had already downloaded and imported from the unity store this . Now I’m wondering whether to continue the tutorial with the package I’ve installed from the unity store, or to delete it and add the ones from github. What should I do? If it’s the 2nd choice, which are the soomla’s files, so that I make sure I don’t delete any other files(admob, leaderboards etc.)?

First of all, note that from Github you have download links for “Core” and “Store” separately, because it’s packaged that way in the open source code. But when you download the Store plugin from the Unity Asset Store, you get both of them bundled in one package.
To completely remove it, you’ll need to delete:


and also, all iOS and Android specific plugin files as listed here:

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