soomla sample project not working

I’m trying to wrap my brain around how to use the soomla project for in-app purchases.
I downloaded the unity 4.0 sample project available in the soomla git website (, opened the project with unity, but it seems not to be working.

When I run the scene, and open the store, then click “get more muffins”, the screen becomes blank and see an “Argument out of range exception” in the log.

Anyone use this example in the past? Any ideas? I also tried integrating it to my own project, something very simple like displaying the amount of currency and giving more currency when needed, but it doesn’t work and I get JNI exceptions.

Hi, You would get much quicker response if you post questions like that in the SOOMLA forum -

On another note, once you have SOOMLA integrated it’s really a matter of 10 minutes to add their mobile data platform called GROW. It gives you insights to what your players are purchasing in other games and lets you take action on the those VIP users a.k.a whales.

Soomla recently went live with video tutorials on how to get started with unity3d-store.

unity3d-store with Android:

unity3d-store with iOS: