*Soon to be in Asset Store* Fantasy World Pack!!

Hi everyone, I made this thread to debut the "Pre-Alpha" of my Fantasy World Pack, soon to be purchase-able in the asset store!

This Pack will include numerous fantasy worlds (5-10) All will come splat-maps and textures! ( Textures will include Normal Maps) It will also come with the TriPlanarTexture addon!

Im making this pack for people who are developing any kind of open world game, and dont really have the skills to create the world for it. Whether your making a Fantasy RPG, Realisic RPG, Sci-Fi, or Top-Down, im 99.9% Positive i can supply you with the world you would need!

Here are some screenshots of 4 Worlds already made! Please tell me what you think of them.!

1446050--77963--$Alien Planet.jpg1446050--77964--$Fantasy Envirorment.jpg1446050--77965--$Hardcore Fantasy.jpg1446050--77966--$Wasteland.jpg

The Price of the pack will be between 10-20$! Please share your Constructive Critism of the worlds, and also if you want, tell me what kind of world you would love to see in the pack!

Or, you could learn to make your own...



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Yes thats very true. But a person who dosent have the time to make there own, or Windows for that matter, wouldnt be able to. Last i recall, World Machine does not have Mac support.

Yea... making your own is nice and all, but for someone who doesn't have the time or the interest to do it themselves, that's what money is for. Pretty sure the same could be said for almost everything offered on the store. I'm sorta surprised that comment was even said, actually, but I'm not on these forums much so maybe it's the norm.

For what it's worth, they're looking pretty good so far. Not the biggest fan of the third one, I like the terrain, maybe just lack of a secondary color (hue) is making it not work for me. Also, since I've only barely dabbled in terrain creation, and not recently at that... are imported terrain meshes able to be edited with the terrain tools in Unity?

Yes, they are editable in Unity. You can even export a RAW Image with a created terrain from unity, to be further edited in a secondary program. But you are right, i have no clue why that comment was posted. Im pretty sure no one said that when the creator of the "Landscapes" asset made a thread in the forum. But oh well. :smile:

Hi Sinaxxxx,

Those are looking pretty good. However, I wouldn't buy your pack yet, even though I'm looking for some good terrain. This is because I'm developing an RTS, and the terrains you show in your pictures are way too mountainous for me (at least it looks that way). I want some terrains that have maybe a couple of mountains, but also about say 10% hills (hills that units could traverse) and the rest pretty flat -- although it doesn't have to be 100% flat. The game I'm making needs mostly flat terrain (again though, some medium hills and some small hills would keep it interesting).

Anyways, just giving my 2 cents. I would have to have grassy terrains, or grassy mixed with some rocky/gravely or mixed with sand/dirt, etc.

Also, one question, would I be able to add Unity trees (i.e. trees that work with the Unity terrain)? Not quite sure how that all works, but I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to if I used an external (non-native to Unity) terrain.

Honestly though, those terrains look pretty good. I'd like to see what they look like in-game :)

Yes, i was planning on making some hilly terrain as-well. I just finished with a desert terrain :). I will make all types of terrains, so im sure one will fit your style. Or maybe two :). Unity has a tree creator, which allows the person to well.. Create there own tree. They work seamlessly with the terrain editor. Im not quite good at explaIning things, so maybe you should look at the tree creator documents. http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Components/class-Tree.html

3 new terrains to join the pack :) Making a choice to actually make seperate, cheaper assets containing Only that biome.(Example: Desert World Pack, Forest World Pack, Iceland World Pack) They will be cheaper like maybe.. 10-15$. While if i make one huge pack, containing everything, it will be 30-40$. So please comment on what you would rather have. 1) Smaller,Cheaper assets containing much fewer worlds. 2) One Huge asset containing Every world created, but cost more.

ANYWAY! Here are the worlds! Enjoy!

1447450--78079--$Grassland 2.jpg

So i small update, I submitted a little "Test" Package filled with 3 Fully splatted and textured huge fantasy worlds for only 5$ Dollars! Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Cool Sinaxxxx. I like those that are a little less mountainous :)

I vote for smaller, cheaper asset packages. That way if I want the "forest pack" it won't be too expensive. But then later on if I want another pack, I can spend a little more etc....

I think it gives more options. The 2nd terrain of the 3 you just posted looks the most interesting to me.

Yeah im going with the smaller, cheaper versions. The forest pack might be my next release. So keep an eye out :)