Sooo confused :(

Hey could anyone maybe help me i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling so many times, but whenever i open unity and try to do anything, nothing shows up. My camera won't show up and when i add a terrain, nothing appears either

If someone could please help me figure out whats wrong, that'd be greatly appriciated.

It's hard to figure out your problem with the information provided, but I'll try to walk through some basic steps in case you overlooked something trivial.


You have two views. One is the Game view and the other is the Scene view. All editing is done in the Scene view, and all the Game view renders is what’s seen through the Camera in the world when you play the game. You can also preview the game through this camera.


If you add a terrain, and you can’t see it, chances are your camera is not located around the terrain in the first place. A simple nagivation method is to select the terrain in the hierarchy view, position the mouse over the scene view (don’t click it), and press F. This will cause the camera to zoom in to the terrain.


By default your views should be gray and blue. The game view should render blue, and the scene view should render gray. If you have black screens or something similiar, you probably have a problem with your graphics system in some manner.


Finally you probably want to position the camera so it views the terrain when you press play. In scene view, position your view where you want the camera to be, select the camera from the hierarchy view and press CTRL + SHIFT + F to align it with your view.

It's a silly question and I'm sorry if you aren't a beginner.

Aren't you in game view ? It's written on the upper left corner of the view. You need the Edit view to work.

I think he's referring to scene view - try this mate:

Window - Layouts - 2 by 3.

That gives you a window with game - if you can see the object in game, but not in Scene your having a problem both me and Giancamti are:

If didNotHelp(Try to use Unite on another computer.) Then {Try to use some basic tutorials. It help me a lot.}