Sort an array in reverse alphabetical order

Hi there. I have an array with 3 items inside.
Such as:

var tarray = new Array ();
tarray.length = 2;

I might then end up with the array populated in a random order such as:

tarray [0] = "w_h";
tarray [1] = "w_b";
tarray [2] = "w_g";

How do I get the array to sort reverse alphabetically, so the array would be:

tarray [0] = "w_h";
tarray [1] = "w_g";
tarray [2] = "w_b";

Many thanks.

ArrayList.Reverse Method ()

Reverses the order of the elements in the entire ArrayList.


Many thanks @Jessespike
I had to use:


This achieved what I wanted. The first line makes sure my array items are alphabetical, the next reversed that order as suggested. Many thanks.