Sorting layers on 3d objects in 2d game

I making isometric 2d game and I wanna use 3d object like player, but I can’t use sorting layer so that you can’t see it behind the 2d wall (Tilemap) and see it in front of the 2d wall

You can make duplicate materials and have those materials on different render queues. Then just change the material on the object when you want it to appear in front or behind.

It probably wont work unless you make a shader with zWrite = always.

After some research on this topic I think it’s better to use 3d project for this and make all the environment as isometric 2D sprites and place them in 3d world. For the buildings you just need to adjust collider to approximate sizes of 2D sprite buildings. And no need to bother with sorting layers at all as all the actions take place in 3D world with 3d character and 3d colliders. Here is a channel where you can find more staff related to isometric games