Sound but black screen in standalone build

So I’ve spent a good few days trying to figure this one out, I have a project that builds perfect to Android but I recently converted it to PC standalone, but whenever I build the game runs and I can hear the audio but the screen is black

I’ve tried all build settings (auto api, dx9 only, dx11 only, or both), I have changed the render path to and from forward and deferred

All scenes are added to the build and I get no output errors, interestingly using 2017.1 and checking the ‘Display Resolution Dialog’ the game crashed with an access error, unchecking it results in sound but black screen.

Using 2017.1 and 5.6.1
Resolution dialog works in 5.6.1 but not 2017.1, also I see the Unity splash screen and then black

Please help

  1. Make sure you are building the correct scene[0].
  2. check the camera settings.
  3. Is there such error when you play your game in the editor?
  1. The scene is definitely being built, I can hear the intro music
  2. I have camera depth at -1, clear flags - solid color (I have no skybox) render path - use graphics settings
  3. I get 4 warnings but these are just unused variables

It builds and runs fine on android

Is it 2D or 3D possibly if 2D you could have a sprite in front blocking the camera. Do you have any lamps in your scene and is there any ambient light? Make sure you have your lamp at not exactly at 0 on the z axis if your using a 2D setup.

Hi , i have a same problem.I buildid my 3dgame for pc.The game is running (have sounds) , but the background of the original unity splashscreen dont disappear.Did you find a solution?,Hi,i have a same problem.My 3d game builded for pc.Havent error messages.The game is running(heard sounds),but the background of the original unity splash screen dont disappear.Did you find a solution?

A clean nvidia driver install worked for me

The solution is in the Project Settings > Graphics, and select another file to the Scriptable render Pipeline Settings.
It works for me in 2019.3, hdrp, becuase failed in the same way.