Sound design / SFX

We are finally ready to open up this area of the game, so we'd like to collect all discussion related to creative sound work in here.

As of now, we have these SFX in the works by a sound designer we are working with. As such, recreating them is not needed. For anything else, feel free to contribute! Obviously we will be selecting the ones that match a certain level of quality, and also that make sense within the project.

Important note: the style of sound effects is realistic, so no 8-bit or synthesized sounds. (use the SFX in the project as a reference) Obviously you won't be able to record many things with a house setup, so feel free to use tricks and what not, as long as the final result sounds plausible.

SFX we have:

  • (plenty of) Footsteps for grass, soil, stone and sand
  • (various) Pots and cookware tingling and making noises
  • Pig Chef: Jump liftoff, Jump landing, Mumbling, Surprise, Disapproval, Attack / Swing cane, Attack lands (on jelly, on stone, on plant), Emoting when cooking, Picking up something, Generic talking
  • Townsfolk: Mumbling, Cheering, Disapproval, Chatting
  • Phoenix Chick: Tweet, Flap, Fire when burning smthg.
  • Legendary chef (Fry King): Mumbling, Talking
  • Bard Hare: Singing, Mumbling, Talking

  • UI: Button (confirmation), Button (cancel/go back), Open inventory (bag open), Open panel, Move selection/hover, Click on regular buttons and UI controls

  • Other sounds: Bubbling of cooking pot, Fire crackling, Cooking sounds (chopping, mixing, using chopsticks), Wind/Breeze, Indistinguishable chatter

NOTE: if you contribute SFX to the project, they need to be your original creation. Royalty-free sound effects are also not ok: you can use them, not redistribute them. So they have to be original.

We just opened 3 new audio tasks, you'll find them in the deck dedicated to Audio on the roadmap.


Dope! I'd love to claim that Rock Critter task.

As usual, we don't assign tasks because somebody might take them and disappear :)
So we evaluate once the PR comes in on the Github.

Right right, my bad. I've been watching and not actively participating for so long I don't quite have the process down.

No problem! It's all explained here:

I am interested in contributing sounds for the slime creature. I thought I'd post here to see if it has been "casually claimed" by anyone.

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[quote=“TLukeH”, post:7, topic: 827295]
“casually claimed”
Love the term :smile: And thanks for posting in the forums beforehand!

I can work on the plant critter sound but do we have other sounds to inspire me

So we want a plant to sound somewhat threatening and aggressive... One idea would be some kind of quelching sound like you would expect if stamp on a ripe tomato with your foot.
Another idea might be that the opening of the plant criiters mouth sounds like a green apple if you break out a chunk.

This is my first try so drive link teeth snap sound. Its in Alpha Alpha Alpha

It sounds somewhat technical... makes me think of a stepper motor at power on. It could be a bit longer and sound "wetter" - I fear I have no idea how you make something sound "wet".

I remade it it's definatly more wet drive link. Redid a version it's the same link

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[quote=“Ciremia”, post:13, topic: 827295]
I remade it it’s definatly more wet [drive link](http://drive link). Redid a version it’s the same link
What are your toughts?

I liked the second one already. I had to hear the second and the third several times, but now I think the third one is better. It's kind of difficult, since I guess nobody has heard a plant biting yet... Can we have other comments too, please?

I agree that the first one is too mechanical. The second one sounds most like an attack impact to me, although I'm thinking it needs to snap more like a mouse trap (maybe also still too mechanical?) or one of those cartoony venus fly trap sounds, whereas the third one sounds squishier, as if it should be tweaked and used for when the plant critter is defeated.

I like the third one because it's more interesting that the others. But it sounds like a rock hitting another rock and one of the rocks shattering into pieces. If the sound is supposed to be the plant's mouth opening up and closing, I don't think it should start with such a "bang". And I think that the rest of the sound should be more of a "crunch" rather than shattering or rattling of pebbles.

Each iteration is improving a lot on the previous one!
I feel the third one is cool, but it doesn't represent the action. The plant is snapping its teeth right? In the sound I can hear a loud "thump" and then some wet noise (good). Maybe the second part could be preserved, but the first part needs to be more teeth-like.

Sorry, it's hard to describe sounds... :smile:

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I made two new versions up to change anything thanks for the feedback drive link. Those version are made with the feedback of shuttle and smurjo didn't see redcurry and circo gave feedback so i'm working on that.

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My favourite is the seven one changed the "thump" to a "tac"
and added leaves