Sound Designer reporting for duty!

Hey all! This project sounds wonderful and I thought I'd throw my hat in as a sound designer.
My name is Jeff, I go by Pumodi online. I am a sound designer at Respawn Entertainment. I'd love to contribute some sound effects and potentially implementation!

I noticed that all the audio tasks say assigned already on Codecks. Any chance there might be something I can lend a hand with?

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Hey Jeff,

I'm an amateur composer wanting to get involved with writing music for the game. Would love to work collaborate if we get a chance on these tasks.

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Hi, I'm just a guitarist and I have a good relationship with my cubase. I'm currently trying to learn game development and I would be so happy to be a part of your project. Here is my SoundCloud, I'm uploading some of my little projects so as to show my friends:
and my Gmail:

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Pleased to meet both of you!

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Hi everyone! I'm Julian Sound designer/Technical Sound designer at RT Game audio. Would be great to be able to collaborate with sound design, implementation or even some coding to make this game sound awesome!

Hey Julian! Nice to meet you :)

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Hi, I'm a programmer but I do sound implementation and composition as a passion. I'm happy to help bridge programming and audio together, or even do some of the composition, although I don't have a ton of good VST instruments.

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Hey folks, I'm fairly familiar with Unity and have more of a coding background but I'd like to throw in some music into this project if I can. Same boat Jirushi, just have free VSTs and own FLStudio.
I don't have a huge repertoire but I'm fairly handy at making short song loops and some longer songs.

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Nice to meet you RogueSalamander.

Also, as a point of order, I created this thread originally to talk about Sound Design, not music. Happy to meet all of y'all but if we could keep this thread focused on Sound Effects specifically that would be wonderful.

Hey all, this is fantastic!
However, I wanted to clarify that we do have some music and SFX incoming for the project already.

It’s a similar situation as for the 3D:

In any case, as I wrote in that thread, we will definitely benefit from more SFX and probably a few sound tracks, audio cues and what not. Please wait a bit, and sorry for that!

[quote=“gokcetaha2002”, post:3, topic: 810818]
Here is my SoundCloud, I’m uploading some of my little projects so as to show my friends:
Some good stuff in there!


Answered my question almost at the same time as I asked it in that other thread haha
Thanks for the update :)

I don't remember the name of the website, but I once found this thing where there were half-baked songs you could contribute to, or start composing your own and let other people add their contributions. Since the amount of content is limited, it would be nice if we tried to divide the audio tasks in a manner that would allow for everyone to leave their mark, especially if we have dynamic instruments like I proposed here

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Oh sorry the page just reloaded for me @pumodi and @cirocontinisio

Edit: And it seems I have misinpreted the team attribution for a community attribution.

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Hey guys I'm a professional SE but with background in music as well, and I actually do the audio for my personal projects as well. I open to help out with that as well.

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Hi everyone!

Fellow sound designer here. My name is Thomas and I'd love to help out with sfx if you need more contributors. I'm a Unity student and would love the chance to collaborate on projects with fellow sound designers and composers. :)

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Hello there, french sound design student (final year) reporting for duty!

I have more experience in music, but game audio as a whole is something that really interests me, so that's what I'd rather focus on. If needed though I have some nice kontakt libraries ;)
During my curriculum we mainly used Wwise, but from what I gather the integration will be done within Unity, right?

I could also perhaps gather some friends to record french versions of the dialogues, if international versions are something we want for this project!

Looking forward to working with you all :)

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Nice to meet you CloudStool!

Hey all, we finally just opened up for sound design. If you're still eager, you can bring the discussion to this thread: