Sound effects cause the music to become quiet?

Hello. I have a bunch of 2D audio clips on an object for the music and sound effects of my (2D) game. Whenever a sound effect plays it lowers the volume of the music. This problem was posted before by others, and the answer was to make the sounds 3D. I do not want the sounds to be 3D. I am aware that 3D sounds can probably be used in 3D games, but I still want the sounds to be 2D. The audio source components are all on a single audio manager gameobject and are created at runtime. I have a master audio mixer group with two child groups for music and sound effects. There are no effects on these groups other than attenuation and this problem existed before I added an audio mixer. The audio manager remains at the origin over the course of the game. I could probably parent the object to the camera and make the sounds 3D, but I do not want to do this. Thanks in advance.

Try using a secondary audiosource for the music and crank up the priority level on it.