Sound in room question

Hi I’m trying to make something so if you enter a room the sound will be clear, but if you go outside it will sound like the sound is trapped, like imagine a club playing loud music, you go outside to get fresh air and you can hear the bass but not quite the music.

Now, I know that an easy way to do this is by box colliders, or colliders, make a collider around the house, and if your inside it it will play the music as normal, but outside it plays as if it’s trapped in there. Any idea’s how to make it sound as if it is trapped? Thanks in advance, couldn’t find any question like this.

You can use audio filters for this. The Low Pass filter is an excellent choice as it will let low frequencies pass and cut off high frequency. Audio filters are a Unity Pro feature though.

Without pro you would have to create two different audio clips (one for the normal inside, and the other for the outside). Have both playing at the same time, but use 3D sound to fade between them based on the distance to the room.