Sound plays when instantiated and not on trigger.

I want my sound clip to play wen collision, but sound plays at the time the prefab the script is attached to is instantiated.
Any ideas out there?? …please??
Here´s my code.

public class Collision : MonoBehaviour {

public AudioClip crash;

void OnTriggerEnter2D (Collider2D other){

	if (other.tag == "Player") {
	 other.GetComponent<AddForce>().controll = true;
		AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(crash, transform.position);
		Destroy (other.gameObject, 3f);
		Application.LoadLevel ("Scene1");
		ScoreBoard.scoreP2 = 0;


Hi there

Does your prefab have an audio source attached with ‘Play On Awake’ set to true? If so that would cause it to play whatever sound was selected as soon as the object was instantiated.

Also, loading a level (which unloads anything you havent marked as ‘dont unload’) immediately after telling the sound to play seems a little dodgy to me. I can’t say for certain it would cause problems, but if your sound is failing to play it might be worth seeing what happens if you remove that line of code.