Sound Triggered By Keyboard

Hya guys! Ok so I pretty much don’t know anything about coding, so answer like you talking to an idiot. :slight_smile: Basically, I want a certain sound to play while the “Forward”/“W” key is being pressed, and a different sound to play while the “Spacebar” key is being pressed. Please try to make your answer as simple as possible. (like talking to an idiot :P)

If you want search a little by yourself I just gonna give you some tips : Unity - Scripting API: Input.GetKeyDown

You must use this function for the key binding

and this one for the audio play : Unity - Scripting API: AudioSource.PlayOneShot

then mix that with an if( key binding function ) { audio function } and I think you obtain what you want.

I f you just want an answer I can give it to you too :wink: