Sound volume: How to ignore distance between source and listener?

The manual says this:

The sounds emitted are then picked up by an Audio Listener attached to another object, most often the main camera. Unity can then simulate the effects of a source’s distance and position from the listener object and play them to the user accordingly.

My game isn’t first-person, it’s arcade style. I would prefer to just have all sounds playing at the same volume no matter where they are coming from in the scene.

In another thread, someone suggested audio import settings were relevant, but I didn’t see any obvious related options there.

I found the 3D audio settings on audio sources, but I’m still not sure what exactly I should use to achieve the effect I’m looking for. Should I set both min and max distance to 1? Both to 0? Am I completely off-base with these ideas?

Hi ! Set Audio Source Spacial Blend to 2D.
Hope it helps

The best solution I found for this was to set both the min and max distances on audio sources to 1. This takes distance from listener to source out of the equation. I also had to ensure all my sound source FILES had the same base volume - I did that by loading them all into Audacity at the same time, selecting all of them, and running the normalizer.