Sound volume too low on Android...

(Sorry, maybe my English isn´t perfect)

Hello, I am making a game for Android, and it has ambience music and some sound effects. If I run the game in the Editor, the sound is ok, but on my phone, it´s really quiet, I have to set my volume very high to hear it.

  1. The volume of my Audio Source is set to the highest.
  2. In other Unity games, I can hear the sound well while my phone´s volume is quite low.

How do I make the sound louder? I think I´ll lose quality if I make a higher volume of the sound file (in Audacity).


did you check if the format of the sound on your other games are the same?

also check the volume of the listenner in your game (it should be 1)

Check your audio source’s transform position, the distance may affect the sound