Sounds Pretty Basic but maybe I'm overthinking the problem...?

So I have my animation and everything set, it works which is a step in the right direction but the game object that animates when the player enters the trigger, jumps to another area of the map and then performs the animation instead of doing it where it was supposed to. Any ideas why that is or how to correct? I was thinking of just redoing the animation if there are no other ideas.

Does the animated object have a parent?

If the animated object doesn’t have a parent and in the animation you modify the position property, the object will set its position to whatever it’s meant to go. For example: You animated an object to move forward 3 units from 0,0,0 to 0,0,3 for example. If you move the object to like, 20,69,420, when the animation starts it will move back to 0,0,0 to animate from there.

If this is the problem, an easy fix is to make the animated object a child of an empty object, and move the empty object to the spot you want it. That way, it will use the local position instead of global position. Just make sure that the child starts at 0,0,0 local position under the parent, and when moving the object to the right position, you move the parent and not the child.

If this isn’t the problem, you should supply some more information about your problem. In addition, you should have a better title so we have a better idea of the before clicking on the thread x3