Source control & collaboration (without Unity Pro)

I was just wondering how everyone manages their team work in order to do some collaborative projects. What do you do to get your work organized, source control, versioning and such? It doesnt have to be an extremely complex system, I just would like to know how you do it, as simple as it may be.

PS: I know the pro version supports external source control and there is also the Asset Server, for those willing to spend all that money. I was just wondering about the other part of the community...

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Updated for Unity3.5:

All Unity versions (including Free) now support version control.


  1. Goto Edit → Project Settings → Editor and enable External Version Control support by selecting Metafiles in the dropdown for Version Control.
  2. Then checkin the Assets and ProjectSettings to your SVN but ignore the Library Directory.
  3. Quit Unity and Delete the Library directory.
  4. CheckOut unity from SVN server. Press Option/Alt (recreates Library) and open Unity.

Hope this helps!