Source Control + Project Settings

I have a project currently under source control with the meta files and git. I noticed that when I make a change to project settings, specifically adding a new Tag, that this change doesn’t appear to create a difference in what I have included in source control.

Does anyone know where this change is tracked so that I can figure how to have the changes check in as well?

(post-script: I do see a “projectsettings” folder with a tag manager; I’ve confirmed it IS tracked by git so I’m confused as to why it’s not recognizing my change.)

You should save the project (File → Save Project), or exit the editor in order to save those changes to disk. If after this the changes still aren’t recognized, then it must be in your GIT settings… maybe an ignored folder.

I was able to resolve this by forcing all serialization to text instead of mixed in the editor settings. I’m not positive of all the ramifications of this decision yet, however nothing appears to have been broken in the process at the moment. Changes to my project settings are now being recognized when a change occurs. Hope this helps the next poor sap.