Space combat asset won't load in Unity 2020.2.3f1 on Ubuntu


I paid $42 (About £33) for the asset earlier and it won’t open in Unity from Chrome browser.

What gives? I do have other browsers to try including Edge and Firefox under Ubuntu.

Make with the helpful comments please?!

You will probably need to contact the asset creator for any meaningful help. May be difficult to find someone who has purchased the asset, used it with Chrome, and had problems with it.

What do you mean by it "won't open in Unity from the Chrome browser"? You import assets from the store using the Package Manager window in the Editor. Open the Package Manager, look under My Assets or whatever it is called, and you should see all store assets associated with your account you're logged into the Hub/Editor with. You then click the download button, wait for the download to complete, then hit the import button. Make sure you always backup your project before importing assets.

Does it say which Unity version the asset is compatible with? It could be that it is not compatible with the version you just mentioned, so try opening it on an earlier Unity version. Hope this helps.

I'm in the process of downloading the 2019 version, can you direct me to the link where I can redownload the Asset? I can't find it.

I found the asset in the Store, it still won’t load, I want my 33 quid back! How do I contact the creator of the asset?

There are links in the asset store. Just lookup the asset again and look on the right hand side. You can see Unity policies along with a support link.