space shooter problem

after writing the DestroyByContact script and entering play mode, after a short time the asteroid disappear automatically and the bolt when shot cross him with out any destruction triggering. i really dnt know what to do to fix that problem. there is no error in my script. but if the player’ship touches the asteroid, both are destroyed… what to do plz!! Help me.

Thank you!

i figured out that my player had a capsule collider and a mech colider. i didn’t know that, that’s why i had modified the boundary settings and i did the boundary scale x=17 y=5 z=35 all that because when the game starts the player disappear, because the capsule collider was touching the boundary, triggering the boundary effect and destroying the player. after that change the problem was resolved.
when i created the asteroid and his script and entered the play mod, everything was fine until, after the repetition of the rotation of the asteroid, the asteroid was moving slowly, and i suppose it crossed the boundary what let it disappear and not being destroyed by the bolt. After removing the capsule collider, the volume of the collider had reduced, than i fixed the boundary setting to the default that the tutorial has indict and everything worked fine.

Thank you a lot! Appreciate it.