Space Shooter Tutorial Audio Issue...

I am in the tutorial where I have to add the audio and I don’t have the ability to drag the audio clip into the asteroids prefab of inspector. Also, the audio file isn’t even recognized in unity and only plays on my computer’s default music program. How can I make the audio files available in Unity? I’m using a laptop that has windows 10 and I think that might be causing the problem.

The audio files have been taken from the asset store and they are ok.

I ran into the same problem when running through the tutorial.
Earlier on i had switched the build system to “WebGL”, as the tutorial said to use “Web Player” and this seemed to be close enough.

Everything went ok until i reached the audio section of the tutorial.
Unity tried or had tried to import the wav-files using a conversion to AAC which failed making the audio clips unusable in Unity.

Switching to the “PC, MAC and Linux” build system caused a reimport in which no conversion to AAC is necessary and i could continue with the tutorial as intended.

I hope this helps if not the original poster then some other guy who stumbles across this problem like me just now. :slight_smile:

Select ‘explosion_asteroid’ prefab on the project browser and push the ‘add component’ button and add AudioAudio Source component to the prefab. Then drag the explosion_asteroid audio to the AudioClip box.

Many Thanks Cadenus, that is exactly what I came up against, switching to PC, MAC Linux fixed it for me. Using Unity 5.5 on Ubuntu 16.04.

for those using Ubuntu and Unity 5.5 the answer is that you probably dont have ffmpeg installed.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install ffmpeg

then reimport the asset to force Unity to attempt to convert.