Space Shooter Tutorial - where is "Fire1"?

Hi there, I’m dead-new to Unity, but have some coding experience. As I work through the Space Shooter tutorial (in v4.6) , it instructs me to use the code in video #7, “Shooting Shots”:

// if I'm pressing "Fire1" and it's time to fire again...
if (Input.GetButton("Fire1") && Time.time > nextFire) 

That’s fine, but I don’t understand where “Fire1” gets it’s name and linkage. After fiddling around for awhile, I figured out that my mouse triggered it, but where is the mouse being connected in the Player setup in Unity?

Input.GetButton docs say: “Returns true while the virtual button identified by buttonName is held down.”
Where is the virtual button and who named it “Fire1?”


Edit->Project Settings->Input

You can also use:

    Debug.Log("Holding left mouse button");


    Debug.Log("Holding left mouse button");


I had the same question. I found the answer here:

““Fire1”, “Fire2” “Fire3” are mapped to Ctrl, Alt, Cmd keys and three mouse or joystick buttons. New input axes can be added in the Input Manager.”

when you use mac and magic trackpad 2 to develop the tutorial game, remember to click to fire the bolt