Spamming touch corrupt the touchCount of unity

The only code running in the entire project:

public class TestTouchScript : MonoBehaviour {
    void Update () {
        Debug.Log("Touch count: " + Input.touchCount);

What you do: Touch the screen with multiple finger, multiple time
What append: after a time, input.touchCount grow to 20+. You stop touching the screen… and the count stay at ~20.

Easy to test. Hard to believe.

Please help!

Unity version: 4.1.5f1

System: Samsumg galaxy tab 2 10.1
Model GT-P5113
Kernel version 3.0.31-523998

Android version: 4.1.1

will test IOS to see if its a problem over any platform now.

This is happening to me as well. If I touch the screen repeatedly, eventually the touchCount ends up returning the wrong number, even if I’m not touching the screen at all.

Tested on Android, with Remote and also standalone.