SpatalUIButton sound, not work!

I would like to know how to add a short sound to my new SpatialUIButton in the Unity Inspector. I have tried using MP3 and WAV files, but they are not accepted. I am attaching a picture for more details.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

.wav / .mp3 files are “AudioClip”.
The component you mentioned is “AudioSource”.

Unity (included with/without using PolySpatial) use AudioSource component and set AudioClip on it to enable sounding. ( Of course you need attach audioListener to MainCamera)

So this is not issue of PolySpatial.

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Generally speaking, PolySpatial doesn’t do anything with audio; applications can use the standard audio functionality from Unity, unlike with graphics, for which we have to use PolySpatial to transfer/replicate the Unity scene graph in RealityKit.

However, there are cases where Unity doesn’t/can’t have full information to generate sounds. For UI, an important case is hovering. There’s no way for us to know when a UI element is hovered over in RealityKit, so playing sounds on hover isn’t possible.